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Sounds Like Crowes

Nov 23, 2020

HEY HEY HEY YOU Woah buddies and pals, friends and amigos, folks and folk singers, rivals and musicians, artists and stay at home dads, moms and family friends, collaborators, lovers, star-crossed aliens, discordians and accordion players, critters, Crowes, burritos and tacos MY MY MY, we are almost to :100: episodes. Boom baby we've done did it. On the 9th of December. We are all gonna join together like Na'vi and Banshee on the flying carpet ride to planet X. We're doing a live listen of episode :100: . I believe at 7pm MST. and then we will have a following Q&AOn our discord. Come and join, ask questions, enjoy the ep. It's gonna be our last one for a while.